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4 Practical Resources for Your Financial Future

The LCBC Stewardship team would love to partner with you to help set you up for success! Check out these resources LCBC offers year-round.

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It doesn't need to be a new year for you to jump into developing a new habit, setting another goal, or simply looking for new perspectives when it comes to our finances. Whether you’re looking to set a financial goal, learn new financial tools, or grow closer to God by being a good steward of your finances, the LCBC Stewardship team would love to partner with you to help set you up for success! Check out these four resources LCBC offers year-round.

1. Free Financial Coaching

Whether you’re a recent college grad navigating student loans or you’re an empty nester looking forward to retirement, we would love to pair you with a financial coach to help you meet whatever goals you’re looking to achieve. It could be as simple as how to stretch your budget further each month. Simply fill out our confidential participation form to get connected with one of our trained coaches.

2. Financial Peace University Groups

Several times a year, LCBC offers the opportunity for anyone to do life together in a Group. One of our most popular Groups is Financial Peace University - a 9-week program that is an intersection of faith and finances. The class includes practical lessons to eliminate debt, build wealth, give like never before, and much more! To join a Group, visit Group Finder to find an FPU Group that fits your schedule! There is a small fee to cover program workbooks and materials, which LCBC offers at a deeply reduced rate.

3. 90-Day Tithing Challenge

We want you to be able to experience the joy of trusting Jesus in all areas of our life, which includes finances. If you’ve never tithed before, the 90-Day Tithing Challenge is a great next step. We’ll connect with you throughout your journey and if you feel like God hasn’t cared for you during this time, we’ll give every penny back to you - no questions asked. Register for the challenge to get started!

4. Monthly Money Matters Email

LCBC’s Stewardship team would love the opportunity to encourage you, resource you and care for you through our free monthly Money Matters email. Each month, you’ll receive a Biblical teaching video, relevant articles, tips and more to help you in your financial journey. Sign up on our website to subscribe.

No matter your financial goals, our Stewardship team would love to partner with you! Follow us on Facebook to stay connected, ask questions and learn more.

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