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4 Tips on How to Pray With Your Spouse

Praying with your spouse can be a powerful way to build spiritual intimacy as a couple. Here are 4 ways to make prayer part of your shared routine.

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We often think of prayer as something we do on our own. We close the door, sit in silence, and talk to God one on one. While having a personal prayer routine is valuable for our relationship with God, praying with your spouse can be a powerful way to build your spiritual intimacy as a couple. 

However, the idea of praying as a couple, as close as you are, can feel awkward or uncomfortable at first. If you’ve ever felt stuck wondering how to pray with your spouse, you’re not alone – let's dive into some ways to get into the habit together! 

How to Pray With Your Spouse 

Prayer time isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept, and it’ll take some trial and error to get into a sustainable routine that you and your spouse can maintain long-term. It’ll be worth the effort once you see how God strengthens your relationship and your faith together! Here are 4 ways to make a regular routine out of praying with your husband or wife in a way that will equip you to grow deeper in your faith together:  

1. Set a routine

It's been said that you make time for the things that are most important to you. Like setting aside a certain night of the week for “date night” or planning a time of day to work out, your prayer life should be integrated into your regular rhythms.  

What time of the day works for your schedules and energy levels? How much time can you consistently spend praying with your spouse each day? When are things quiet and less distracting around the house? Consider these things, and you’ll have an easier time creating a prayer habit that’s sustainable! 

2. Be open and vulnerable 

Many married couples already know that vulnerability comes with the territory. You and your spouse have probably seen the best and worst of each other and had to navigate some difficult waters together. 

Authentic prayer calls for a level of emotional vulnerability with each other that you may or may not be accustomed to expressing. It’s important to remind each other of the trust you established when you committed to marriage – commit to creating a judgement-free environment, as well as honesty and openness with one another about your worries, your hopes, and your faith. 

3. Incorporate variety 

The goal is to pray together as a couple consistently – but you don’t have to do it the same way every day! Variety can keep things engaging and interesting and keep you both excited to pray together. 

Consider what it could look like for you to take turns praying on a specific day. You can pray together on behalf of your spouse and still have a meaningful time talking to God together. You could also mix up praying short prayers or long prayers, or even pray silently instead of praying out loud! 

4. Check out resources that will get you started

If you’re not sure where to start, try following a devotional or Bible Reading Plan. The daily topics can serve as a springboard, sparking questions to discuss and giving you ideas about what to pray for together. Consider this 2-week Bible Reading Plan that utilizes the Psalms to inform and inspire your prayers! 


Although having a personal prayer routine is super important for our relationship with God, praying with your spouse can be a really special way to grow in faith and go deeper in your relationship. Here are some other resources about prayer and marriage that you might find helpful: 

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