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5 Simple Ways to Invite Someone to Church

Inviting someone to church may be intimidating. Here are 5 simple ways to plan out your invite!

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Inviting someone to church can feel intimidating. Even if you’re close with the person you’re inviting (sometimes especially if you’re close to them!) the fear of rejection, negative stigmas around church, and concern about coming across as “weird” can keep us from making the ask.

But at the end of the day, the eternal life of the person we’re inviting is more important than our discomfort. Still, it helps to go into it with a plan! Check out 5 simple ways that you can invite your “one” to join you.

5 simple ways to invite someone to church

Inviting someone to come to church with you doesn't have to be complicated! Instead of overthinking it, try one of these:

1. Send a text

A text invite is one of the simplest ways to invite someone to join you at church. It gives you and the person you’re inviting time and space to think about the invite and the response, and sometimes it may make it easier for the person you're inviting to say yes!

And just because it’s a text doesn’t mean it can’t be heartfelt—take time to craft your text message, and let the person know how much you’d love to have them join you.

2. Use social media

If you follow LCBC on Facebook and Instagram, another easy way to send an invite is to send them a direct message with a post from our account or tag them in a comment on a post.

We strive to create engaging social content that also gives helpful information that will encourage someone to join you on the weekend or for an event. Check out our social channels and send a post that speaks to your heart, or one that you know will speak to theirs!

3. Bring it up in conversation

One of the main reasons people don’t attend church or like to talk about it is a past experience or judgment they’ve felt from a church or community. Sometimes the easiest way to invite someone to church is to ask questions about their experiences and really listen to their answer.

You can start with, “Do you attend church anywhere?” If they say yes, celebrate that win and ask them more about it! And if they say no, give an open invitation to your church. It doesn’t have to be pushy or judgmental, but leaving the door open gives them a chance to ask more questions or tell you more about their past experiences if they feel comfortable. Building a relationship is the perfect way to extend the invitation more in the future.

4. Host an online gathering

For some people, the idea of stepping into a church building is the most intimidating part of being invited to church. If you have a few friends who you know would feel more comfortable watching from home, consider hosting a watch party at your house and showing the online gathering. You can even make a night of it with snacks and drinks! Opening your home gives the people you invite more opportunities to discuss what you hear in the gathering afterward, too.

5. Make an event out of your invite

If the person you want to invite is especially hesitant, make the invite more than “just” church! Plan to go out to eat before or after the gathering, or plan another fun event like going to see a movie or show. Use the plans as an incentive to get them to join you—it may even make for a great place to process and talk more about the gathering.

All it takes is one invitation

No matter how you choose to invite your “one” to church, remember that your invitation is powerful and has the potential to change someone’s life. Jesus cares about the one life—and he cares for whoever he’s put on your heart to invite to church. Who are you planning to ask?


Inviting your friends to church is a great way to be more intentional with your friendships. There are even more ways to create more meaning in your friendships and demonstrate that you truly care!


LCBC stands for Lives Changed By Christ. We are one church in multiple locations across Pennsylvania. Find the location closest to you or join us for Church Online. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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