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5 Ways to Invite Someone to Christmas At LCBC This Year

If there’s a certain person you’ve been thinking about inviting to church, Christmas At LCBC could be the perfect time!

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It’s always a good time to invite someone to join you for church, but Christmas is a time of year when a lot more people are open to being a part of a church service or gathering to celebrate the holiday. If there’s a certain person you’ve been thinking about inviting, Christmas At LCBC could be a perfect time! Check out 5 ways to invite someone to church this year.

1. Bake (or buy) a treat & attach invites

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just great at picking out the most delicious cookies in the grocery store, dropping off a sweet treat and attaching Christmas At LCBC invite cards from your location is a great way to invite! Be sure to leave a note letting them know there are several gathering options and online ways to watch!

2. Send a link to watch online

Speaking of online, use this method if you’re inviting someone you know might be more comfortable attending digitally or inviting someone who doesn’t live locally to an LCBC location. Send them a link to last year’s Christmas At LCBC gathering, and then ask them to join you this year via Church Online (or, if you’re feeling bold, tell them to try attending in person with you!).

3. Make a night of it

Set up plans with friends or family to attend a gathering together, then grab dinner or dessert afterward, or play games back at your place. Or, if you happen to be hosting the Christmas get-together this year, plan to watch the gathering online as part of the festivities!

4. Use Social Media to Invite

Send them a link to the Christmas at LCBC webpage and add a personal touch highlighting something that you know would get them excited. 

5. Send them a digital invite

When it comes to invites, we’ve got you covered—check out all the digital invitation tool by creating a personalized digital invite to any friends or family that may be interested. Check out all the options at

Who are you inviting to be part of the fun and celebrate the birth of Jesus this year? Start planning your invites now!

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