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5 Ways Your Kids + Students Can Invite Friends to At The Movies

At The Movies is the perfect time to invite someone. Here are 5 ways your kids and students can invite friends!

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Our kids and students will get to experience At The Movies in kidVenture Island and Collide! This is the perfect opportunity for our kids and students to connect with their friends over the summer and invite them to a meaningful experience. Here are 5 ways to help your kids and students invite others to At The Movies: 

1. Printable Invites

Download and print these fun invites that your kids can fill out and present with a box of candy to invite friends and family to At The Movies - it’s a unique way to get creative and make personal invitations! 

2. Sidewalk Chalk Invites 

Get creative with sidewalk chalk and write around your neighborhood Draw buckets of popcorn and movie tickets around it to spark curiosity! 

3.  Host A Sleepover

Have your kid or student invite their close friends over for a sleepover at your house - you can even go all out and make the sleepover movie themed! Connect with their parents and invite them to meet you at church for At The Movies the next morning. Then, bring all the kids along with you to church the next day to experience At The Movies. (Our kids and students will be having a ton of fun in their environments too!) 

4. Set Up A Lemonade Stand

This is a fun way for your kids to make some extra change and invite neighbors and friends to At The Movies: set up a lemonade stand and attach an invitation to every cup of lemonade sold! 

5. Text or DM Invites

If your student is in Grades 5-8, have them send to a friend!  


When something is meaningful to us, we want to share it with others! Make a list of people you’d like to invite as a family, then try out one of these ideas! Let’s encourage our kids and students to invite others to At The Movies to make lasting memories this summer.  

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