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6 Unforgettable Movies and the Big Ideas Behind Them

Check out a few of the movies we highlighted in past years at LCBC during At The Movies on your own and what we learned from them!

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Odds are that when you sit down to watch a movie, you aren’t paying too much attention to the life lessons it can teach you. But some of our favorite movies actually have a lot to tell us about how to live the best life possible if we’re willing to dig a little deeper. Whether At The Movies is your favorite series at LCBC or you’ve never even heard of it, get in the spirit by checking out a few of the movies we highlighted in past years at LCBC during At The Movies on your own and what we learned from them!

1. The Movie: Rocky

The Details: This 1976 American Sports Drama stars Sylvester Stallone as a working class Italian-American boxer who gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship.

The Big Idea: Faith isn’t something you feel, it’s something you fight for.

2. The Movie: The Sandlot

The Details: A coming-of-age sports drama from 1993 about a group of boys who play baseball together in the summer of 1962 and the adventures they get themselves into.

The Big Idea: Love like Jesus’s love means we’re all on the team.

3. The Movie: Mission Impossible: Fallout

The Details: A 2018 spy-action film in the Mission: Impossible series, this movie features Ethan Hunt and his team as they search for missing plutonium after a mission goes wrong.

The Big Idea: There is value in every life.

4. The Movie: Instant Family

The Details: This 2018 family-comedy drama follows three children in foster care and the couple who brings them into their home - and all the crazy, beautiful chaos that comes along with becoming an instant family.

The Big Idea: Loving others isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

5. The Movie: Apollo 13

The Details: A docudrama film from 1995, this movie depicts the lead up and eventual flight of the astronauts on Apollo 13, America’s fifth crewed mission to the Moon, as their mission is derailed after an explosion aboard deprives their spacecraft of most of its oxygen and electrical power.

The Big Idea: Interruptions have the ability to break us down or build us up. What are you focusing on in your interruption?

6. The Movie: Remember the Titans

The Details: This 2000 biographical sports film tells the story of a local high school football coach in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971 as he attempts to integrate their team and bring them together despite the racial tensions of their town.

The Big Idea: Sometimes we need to work to make peace, not just keep it.

Have fun looking for the big idea in each of these films, and don’t miss your chance to join us as we look for the life lessons in more films during At The Movies at LCBC!

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