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8 Resources for Navigating Family Stress this Holiday Season

Take a few minutes to focus on God's ways with 8 Resources for Navigating Family Stress this Holiday Season.

Mental Health
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The warmth of the summer has faded into the chilly air of the fall season, and that means the holidays are right around the corner. The holiday season can feel complicated - we’re spending more time with extended family, tensions can rise from listening to differing opinions, or maybe a recent loss is making this season hard. Family stress around this time of year is common, but it doesn’t have to steal your joy. Below you’ll find resources you can use to navigate through this season by focusing on God’s ways and work to make it as stress-free as possible.

Practice Being Thankful

Sometimes a great way to fight against stress is to remember all that we have to be grateful for in our lives. Take some time to focus on what God has given you, and let yourself bask in how good he has been.

Gratitude Playlist

Listen to our worship playlist on gratitude on a walk, while you're cooking, or even while you're getting ready for a day with family.

11 Ways to Practice Gratitude with Your Kids

Check out this article for 11 ideas on how to practice gratitude as a family or even as a group of friends.

Prepare Yourself for Tough Conversations

We all wish we could have dinner with our family and not also have to be part of a debate. Sometimes arguments are unavoidable, but you can prepare your heart by remembering that God asks us to honor one another, even when it doesn’t feel deserved.

Take a few minutes to watch the clips below and root yourself in what God says about loving one another:

Listen, Learn, & Love (2 Minutes)

What can we do when we come face-to-face with people who think very differently from us? When put into action, these three words have the power to change the world around us.

The Uncommon Path (4 Minutes)

As followers of Jesus, we are never called to do the common thing. The Bible tells us to do to others as we would have them do to us. Let's all really show love by honoring one another.

Choosing Honor (4 Minutes)

We are all made in the image of God and called to honor one another - and that includes everyone. Yes - everyone.


God wants to know what’s going on in our hearts - whether it’s joy, frustration, grief, or anxiety about the holiday season. Take intentional time to pray and tell him what you’re feeling, and ask him to be with you as you enter into potentially stressful situations.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out a few Bible Reading Plans to guide you:

7 Days of Prayer - Encouragement & Unity in this Season

Pray about everything. Those three words can be a lifeline – especially when they become a habit. Throughout this season, many of us are seeking help with managing anxiety, fatigue, family tension, anger, and loneliness. In light of that, we want to give you the tools you need to provide hope and encouragement for all the things you may be feeling right now.

Grateful to God (5-Day Bible Reading Plan)

Life is full of challenges and setbacks as well as joys and triumphs. No matter what’s going on in your life right now, ground yourself in these 5 characteristics of God that we can give thanks for every day.

The Power of Prayer (6-Day Bible Reading Plan)

Why do we pray, how should we pray, and what exactly happens when we do? This 6-Day Bible Reading Plan gives insight into the power and importance of prayer.If you’re entering a stressful season and would like to talk to someone about how to handle it, we’d love to have that conversation and pray for you - reach out and start the conversation.

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