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How Donna Overcame Loss and Grief to Find Faith and Healing

When a life-altering tragedy changed Donna's world, she found strength and healing in the important truth about eternity.

Growing Faith
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Content Advisory: This story contains details of grief, the loss of a child, and an automobile accident. Discretion is advised for those who may be sensitive to these elements. 

Donna's morning began like any other, driving her son Jack to Warwick High School in Lititz, PA. Little did she know that this seemingly routine drive would mark the final time she'd set eyes on Jack's face or hear his voice. That day, as Donna went about her work, a parallel scene unfolded: first responders worked diligently to free Jack from the wreckage of a car, cutting through its doors and roof. 

The day took a nightmarish turn as Donna walked into the emergency room and was met not only by medical personnel but also by local police, chaplains, and social workers. Donna instantly knew something terrible had happened. 

Sitting across from her was a surgeon, bearing news that would shatter her world: Jack didn't survive. Donna crumbled to the floor, her cries filling the room. The surgeon’s words repeated over and over in her mind as she struggled to wrap her head around this new, horrifying reality: “Jack didn’t survive.” 

As night fell and Donna returned home from the hospital, she was met with haunting echoes of Jack's presence. His toothbrush lay on the counter, his laundry remained in his basket. She faced an agonizing reality - how does one navigate life after such a profound loss?   

Days turned into months, and Donna struggled to come to terms with Jack's absence. She would wake up hoping that this was all a terrible dream, that she'd wake up and Jack would still be there. The familiar rhythms of life felt alien. The things that once defined her suddenly felt foreign and meaningless. Donna never directed blame at God, but she grappled with overwhelming anger and loss. 

Donna turned to journaling as a way to let her feelings out. In her writing, Donna poured out her heart, her grief and longing in every word. She questioned the meaning behind Jack's untimely death, longing for some kind of explanation or meaning for such a senseless tragedy. 

“I laid in your bed today. I smelled your pillow. I cried into your sweatshirts that still hang on your door. Are you really gone? God, has he really gone? I can’t believe my Jack was killed. I ache deep in my bones. I cannot carry this. I know God is well acquainted with grief, but I just don’t know why. Not why me, but just why? What is the meaning of Jack being killed? What am I supposed to do with this now?” 

Jack's absence reverberated through her home, a silence that screamed louder than any noise. One day, she collapsed in Jack's room, overwhelmed by grief and sadness. Over and over, Donna cried, “He’s gone. He’s gone. Jack is gone.”  

In her desperation, God’s voice broke through: “No, Donna. You are gone. Jack’s home.” 

In that moment, Donna realized that while Jack was physically gone, he had found his true home in Heaven. Jack was safe forever in the loving presence of God. It was a turning point for Donna, a small step toward acceptance and healing. 

Donna began to accept that Jack had fallen victim to a tragic accident, a consequence of an imperfect world. God didn’t take Jack – instead, he gave Jack 16 years of life on Earth and an eternity in Heaven. He wasn’t gone forever – just out of reach for now.  

Guided by faith, Donna began to find peace. Grief was still a constant presence in her life, but it was no longer an all-encompassing darkness. In her most painful moments, Donna continued to look to Jesus for strength. The ache remained, but so did the assurance of a loving Savior who understood her grief intimately.  

Today, Donna looks forward to the day she will see Jesus face-to-face and reunite with Jack in Heaven. While this life will always be tinged by grief and loss, her broken heart will be made whole the moment she gets to hug her son again. Until then, she remembers Jack is a gift from God, and looks back fondly on the 16 years she had with her son here on Earth. Most of all, Donna clings to the life-changing strength and love she found in Jesus through this journey.  

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