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How to Live Generously in Retirement

Here's how you can embrace a heart of giving in your retirement years.

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As you transition into retirement, it’s essential to consider how you can continue to honor God with your life. While the Bible doesn’t lay out a specific plan for your retirement years, it does provide principles that guide all of us in living a God-honoring life during this phase. One crucial aspect of this is generosity. Here's how you can embrace a heart of giving in your retirement years. 

How to live generously in retirement 

From the very beginning, God designed work as an integral part of human life. Some mistakenly believe that work is a punishment for sin, but in Genesis 2:15, we read, "The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it." This indicates that being productive and contributing is part of God’s intention for us, even before Adam and Eve were banished from the garden. 

What does it mean to “watch over” the season and environments God places us in during our retirement years? For starters, your retirement from a career doesn’t mean the end of your productivity and purpose. God still has plans for you to build his kingdom, and that happens through the talents, possessions, and experiences he has given us. 

Our mission to spread the gospel and bless others also continues. We can retire from our jobs, but we never retire from God’s mission! 

Learning from the Macedonians 

Regardless of our financial condition, God calls us to be generous. The churches of Macedonia are a perfect example of living out this value.  Paul writes about this in 2 Corinthians 8, emphasizing that their giving was possible because God's grace – not anything they had stored up themselves.  

The Macedonian churches gave generously despite their lack of income, demonstrating that true generosity is about the heart, not wealth. Paul notes that their generosity was a grace given by God, showing that He is the source of all generosity. 

The Heart of Generosity 

Generosity isn't about the amount we give but our posture and heart behind it. Jesus highlighted this truth when he praised the poor widow who gave out of her poverty in Mark 12. Her small gift was more significant to God than the large sums given out of surplus by the wealthy. 

Embracing Generosity in Retirement 

As image-bearers of a generous God, we are called to embody his generosity. Retirement provides a unique opportunity to reflect on how we can continue to give and serve. 

Here are steps you can take today to discover how God is calling you up to generosity in retirement: 

1. Pray and seek God's guidance in how to use your resources for his kingdom. 

2. Focus on the motives behind your giving. Ensure that it stems from a place of love and gratitude toward God. 

3. Get creative! We tend to think of money first when we consider how to be generous, but there are many other ways to practice generosity. How might your time, talents, wisdom, and experience bless others? 

Generosity is at the core of God’s nature, and as his children, it should be at the core of ours as well. Retirement is not an end, but a new beginning to express our gratitude and love for God through generous living. In embracing a heart of generosity, we reflect God's love and grace to the world. You can use your retirement years to further his kingdom and be a blessing to others, living out the generous spirit that God has placed within each of us. 


When we think of generosity, we often think of tithing – but do you need to keep tithing after you retire


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