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What does Revelation teach us about Jesus?

Do you feel confused or anxious; looking for a reminder of who Jesus is, and will always be. Find out what Revelation tells us about Jesus.

Growing Faith
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In the last book of the Bible, we find a letter written by one of Jesus’ closest friends and disciples, John. John was near the end of his life and was exiled to an island work camp for living a life devoted to following Jesus.

Like many of us today, John was confused, discouraged, anxious, and afraid as thousands of other followers of Jesus, like himself, were being murdered. In the midst of all those emotions and doubts, John continued to call out to Jesus - and Jesus answered that call.

In Revelation 1:12-20 Jesus reminded John, and us today, four aspects of who he was, who he is, and always will be.

1. Jesus is Present in Every Moment of Your Life

Jesus is not detached and distant. He revealed this to John while he was on that island prison in exile, in pain and suffering. Whatever difficult season you’re in or have been in, wondering what God may be doing – Jesus reminds John at the start – I have not left you. I am here with you in exile, with you in the pain, with you in the confusion and can turn whatever situation you are in and wherever you find yourself into a place of worship and comfort.

2. Jesus is Infinitely Timeless and Wise

Jesus has seen everything since the beginning of time. He has seen the rise and fall of every empire, ideology, government and pandemic.

There is nothing you are going through, no stumbling or struggling, no pain or discouragement that Jesus hasn’t seen and that he doesn’t know about. He isn’t caught off guard by the circumstances of your life and he isn’t baffled by how to best lead you forward. You can rest knowing that Jesus is acutely aware of all that’s going on in our lives and in our world and is wise enough to lead through it.

3. Jesus is Good and Holy

At times, it’s healthy to look inward and you will notice areas of your life that are not leading you to wholeness. Jesus reminds us that he is pure and that when you pursue a relationship and growth in him, you will continue to be purified.

He also lets us know that his truth, this way of life, following him will set you free.

4. Jesus is Capable and Strong Through Every Circumstance

When everything else around us is shaking, he doesn’t; his feet are planted and strong. We can trust that even though the circumstances of our lives have left us shaken, they have not shaken Jesus.

He also reminds us that our fate is not determined by the universe. Jesus holds complete authority and is infinitely capable and strong, holding it all in his hands.

In Revelation 1:12-20, Jesus reminds John and us that things may not be as they seem; he is on the throne, he is wise, he is good, he is capable and he will always be there.

The message of Revelation is not that Jesus will win but that Jesus has already won!For more information on this topic, check out our sermon series The End here.

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