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Why Should I Attend First Steps?

Are you new to LCBC or been have never attended our first steps class yet? Check out three reasons why you should attend first steps.

Growing Faith
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Do you remember starting at a new school or a job? Those first few days bring a mix of emotions. Feelings of excitement and anticipation paired with nervousness, confusion, and disorientation. The questions can seem exhaustive. Where do I start? What will this place be like, and what is it all about? Who are the people I’ll get to know? Will I enjoy them? Can I belong here?

Yes, new is super exciting but also a little intimidating. Those same feelings of unfamiliarity can be amplified when it comes to being new to a church. That’s why we created First Steps.

So what is First Steps, and how can it help you orient to LCBC?

1. First Steps gives you a behind-the-scenes view of what LCBC is all about

Let’s be honest - when you are new anywhere, especially at church, you have some questions. What does the church believe? What are the values or principles that drive them? Why does this look and feel different from other church experiences I’ve had in the past? How can I get more involved, or am I even allowed to get more plugged in? During First Steps, we will unpack all these questions and more! This environment will orient you to the mission and vision of LCBC and help you take the next steps to engage at your pace.

2. First Steps is an excellent opportunity to meet others

Starting something new isn’t always easy but realizing you aren’t alone makes jumping into something unfamiliar exponentially easier! First Steps helps you meet others who are already part or exploring jumping in at LCBC. You’ll get to hear their questions and learn more about their experience. Another bonus is meeting the campus pastor and other staff members who are excited to get to know you and help you get connected. We believe that the church is a group of people, not a building. It’s people like you who make LCBC so unique. First Steps will help you build connections and make this place feel like your place.

3. First Steps is designed to help you find your best next step

There are so many opportunities to connect and engage your faith as a church. In fact, with so many options, maybe you aren’t sure where to start. You aren’t confident you know what step can be most beneficial to you. First Steps is designed to help you navigate your best next step to move forward with a resolution. Regardless if you aren’t sure what you believe about God or if you’ve been following Jesus for decades, you’ll get direction and guidance to take the next step. 

So what are you waiting for? If you are curious, and want to learn more about LCBC, meet great people, or press on in your faith journey, First Steps is your best next step. We have opportunities to attend in-person or online. Register today at

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