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Bible Reading / Book By Book: Quarter 1

Day 34

JOS.3, JOS.4

It’s interesting how God uses similar stories to send a message to the people. As Moses is beginning to lead the people out of Egypt, God parts the waters of the Red Sea. Now God is saying he will be working through Joshua in the same way by parting the waters of the Jordan. The leadership has changed, but the power behind the leaders remains. The carrying of the stones and building a monument is interesting too. They didn’t have cell phones with cameras then, so they couldn’t take a picture of the parted waters to show their grandchildren. The monument would serve as a reminder of God’s provision.

You may have experienced “coincidences” in life that have assured you that God is involved. Nothing as amazing as the parting of waters, but ordinary things that came together in amazing ways. These events need to be memorialized in our lives. These stories need to be told and retold and intentionally remind ourselves of God’s provision.