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Starting even in the first verse, we see a repeat of an earlier idea. Like Deuteronomy 28 said, these kings see the success God has given Israel and expect Israel to defeat them. Unlike Rahab, instead of deciding to follow the God of Israel, they just become afraid. Then we see the reiteration of circumcision. Before Moses could lead the people out of Egypt, his son had to be circumcised as a sign of devotion to God. Now, before the people could enter the land God had given them, they needed to do the same. Back in Numbers 13 and 14, the people had been too afraid to enter the land and had to wait thirty-eight more years before entering. During that time apparently the boys were not circumcised. Even in the midst of being punished for one act of disobedience, they continue to disobey. They are given another chance to enter the land, show their devotion to God and celebrate the Passover as a reminder of God’s protection over them. God finally gives Joshua an important reminder that although he is the leader of the army, it is really God who is in charge.

Even when we represent God well, people can still reject the message. Some people are like Rahab and others are like the kings in this chapter. We need to be reminded just like the people and Joshua that our success comes from being devoted to God and recognizing that he is the One in charge.