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Paul tells of another experience where he has a vision of heaven. The first heaven is the sky, the second heaven is where the stars are and the third heaven is with God. He tells of this vision to again affirm that his message is from God. Then he also tells of a weakness that he asked God to take away from him. He has now figured out that his weakness demonstrates the power of God. God can even use flawed people like him. The Corinthians should have recognized Paul’s authority and listened to him, but Paul had to remind them. Everyone has weaknesses. We can only guess at what Paul’s was. Maybe it was a physical limitation or a personality flaw he couldn’t seem to overcome. God has the power to reverse our weaknesses, or he can use them to accomplish something greater. We can ask God to take away our weaknesses, but in the meantime, we can accomplish things in spite of them. Either way, Jesus’ power in us is shown to others.