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Mark, along with Matthew, Luke, and John are biographies covering the ministry of Jesus. Mark is written by John Mark, who at different times worked with both Peter and Paul. Many feel that Mark’s primary source for information on the ministry of Jesus was Peter. Matthew’s description of Jesus’ ministry appears to be written to Jews, while Mark’s seems to be written to people who knew much less about the Old Testament, mainly Gentiles.

As is typical of Mark, the beginning of Jesus’ ministry is told in very brief stories. He moves from John the Baptist through Jesus doing a bunch of miracles in a rapid-fire way. All of this is used to confirm the ministry of Jesus. His ministry was confirmed by Isaiah, John and the Holy Spirit. His power is shown by Jesus rejecting temptation and performing miracles. The writers who record Jesus’ ministry aren’t just writing an interesting story. Their goal is to show who Jesus really was and to teach us how to live as a result. According to these stories, Jesus was the incredibly powerful and righteous Son of God. His story is worth reading and considering carefully.