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Jesus arrives in his hometown of Nazareth and is mostly rejected. As a result, Jesus doesn’t do many miracles there. Jesus also prepares his disciples for when he will no longer be around by giving them some ministry experience of their own. King Herod begins to be concerned about Jesus because it is rumored that Jesus is John the Baptist resurrected. Herod was obviously feeling guilty for having executed John. We are also told of more of Jesus’ miracles. The fact that Jesus couldn’t do as many miracles in his hometown is curious. It seems the miracles would have been wasted on this group, since they already knew of his power and hadn’t believed. How does our lack of response to God’s message limit his work in our lives? Does God know that if he did something amazing in our lives, it wouldn’t have much impact on us anyway and decide not to do it? We all need to be more open to seeing God’s work in our lives and responding to those things in deeper and longer-lasting ways.