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Jesus tells his disciples that some of them will see the power of God’s kingdom before death. Then six days later, three of them see Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah. Moses was the one who gave the Old Testament law to the Jews, and Elijah was one of the Old Testament’s greatest prophets. Jesus is being confirmed by two of the greatest spiritual leaders of the Old Testament. We also see a couple of examples of people who believe in Jesus, but still have a ways to go. In verse 24, a man says, “I believe; help my unbelief!” He is acknowledging that he does believe in Jesus, but his faith is not very solid. The disciples also have a ways to go. After all they have seen and heard from Jesus, they argue about who is greatest. “I believe; help my unbelief” wouldn’t be a bad prayer for anyone. We want to fully believe in Jesus; we know we should, but the circumstances of our lives and our own weakness of character can make it hard. Make it your prayer for today.