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This chapter can be difficult to understand because we don’t live in the culture of that time. Corinth was a center for idol worship. Food was offered to these idols and was later eaten by worshippers of the idol as an act of worship. There were those who would refuse to eat meat sacrificed to idols because, to them, it was an act of worship to an idol. Others went a step further and refused to eat any meat unless they knew its source for fear they would inadvertently be worshipping an idol. Paul says idols are nothing and so eating the meat served to idols really isn’t an issue, but if someone is going to think you are worshipping an idol by what you eat, it is better not to have a person’s faith shaken just so you can enjoy some meat. It’s more important to love your unnecessarily sensitive Christian friend than to eat meat. Very few of us will experience this specific issue today; however we may come across people who have a high sensitivity to certain issues. If we love the person, we should be willing to not get involved in doing something that is problematic for that person due to their history. It’s an act of love to consider the sensitivities of those who are overcoming addictions or who still struggle with a specific temptation.