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Chapter 2 begins with a deeply encouraging message about how God resolves the dilemma of sin in our lives. Take this to heart! But John also urges us to live in such a way that gives evidence that we truly know God. Once again, anyone can say “I know God,” but what should characterize the lives of those who truly know him? The answer, John says, has everything to do with obeying God’s commands, especially the command to love one another. (Sound familiar? Look back at what Jesus said in John 13:34-35.) John then continues this theme of love as it relates to the things of this world, in particular about loving the truth about Jesus. This again is where the false teachers got it wrong. These guys were not true Christians; they were “antichrists” – leading people astray with their supposedly special, secret knowledge about Jesus and about how life works. How does John’s evaluation of them encourage you to be faithful to Jesus in your life?