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Having just raised the idea of being “God’s children” at the end of the previous chapter, John launches into a moment of wonder and amazement regarding this core aspect of our identity. Let your heart explode with gratitude at what he is affirming here! John also reminds us that having a heavenly Father who loves us deeply shapes our own character and actions so they look more and more like his. This is the crux of the rest of this chapter. In particular, as John returns to the matter of sin in our lives, keep that idea of becoming more like our heavenly Father in mind. It’s not that we stop sinning altogether (remember 1:8-2:2), but rather that sin will no longer be the dominating pattern of our lives if we are truly part of God’s family. Instead, we will be marked more and more by love for one another. Pay close attention to how John helps us understand what real love is as he breaks this down for us in verses 16-20. Then ask yourself, “What are some specific ways I can love others better this week?”