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Bible Reading / Escaping the Ordinary

Day 3: Following Jesus

Read: John 14 

In John 14, Jesus talks to his followers and explains that simply knowing about him isn't enough. He says that truly loving him means obeying his teachings. 

Jesus promises that those who believe in him will receive the Holy Spirit to guide them and help them follow God's will. The Spirit teaches us God's ways, reminds us when we make mistakes, and brings us comfort when we're in need. So, we have the Spirit inside us to help us follow Jesus' commands. 

But don’t get it twisted - Jesus doesn't love us simply because we obey him. We obey Jesus because we love him. Just like Jesus loved and obeyed his father, we should love and obey Jesus. Our obedience should be a natural outpouring in response to the love Jesus has for us.  

When we submit to God's desires for our lives, we experience a love and peace that's much better than what the world offers. If you're struggling to live the way Jesus calls us, remember that his grace can forgive all your mistakes. Even when you fall short, his forgiveness is enough to wipe your sins away. 

Have you felt the Holy Spirit’s guidance recently? Find ways to submit your life to the Spirit's lead. Pray to Jesus, thanking him for the gift of the Holy Spirit in your life. Ask him for guidance, comfort, and the strength to live a life that reflects his teachings.