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Bible Reading / Escaping the Ordinary

Day 4: Using Your Gifts

Read: 1 Corinthians 12:27 

God made everyone unique, so we could each contribute something different to each other’s lives. Being an active contributor in church is like playing on a sports team: whether you’re offense or defense, on the field or on the bench, you’re all working toward a shared purpose and goal. 

We believe everyone has a unique, God-given gift that can be used here at church! By bringing your time, talent, and resources, you can impact someone’s life and encourage them in their faith journey. The church is not complete without everyone giving their time and energy toward introducing others to Jesus.  

What gifts or passions do you think God has given you? 

How has someone else impacted your faith by serving you??  

What’s holding you back from using your gifts to glorify God and introduce others to Jesus?  

Pray: Dear God, Thank you for creating me unique so I can contribute my own strengths to your Kingdom. I want to glorify your name in everything I do. Help me to have the courage to spread your love. Amen.