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Unless you are into counting things, this may not be your favorite chapter of the Bible. However, it does let us know how Numbers got its name. Since only those eligible to fight are counted, this represents a nation of two to three million. That gives us insight into why it was necessary for God to supply water and food in miraculous ways and why Pharaoh felt threatened at the beginning of Exodus.
It’s important to note that Israel grew to nation-size when they lived in slavery. Oppression didn’t stop God from keeping his promises to Abraham to have his descendants become a great nation. Jesus made a promise to his followers in Matthew 16:18 saying, “I will build my church and the powers of hell will not conquer it.” We may feel oppressed at times, but we should never feel defeated. God will do exactly what he has promised. We may not know the timing or what the fulfillment of God’s promise will look like for us personally, but he will accomplish it regardless of opposition.