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We skipped over a few chapters you can feel free to read if you want. One tells the people how the various tribes are supposed to position themselves while traveling. Others emphasize how the tribe of Levi is to be set apart as the priests for the nation. Today’s chapter defines a special vow a person can take if they want to enter into a special relationship with God. It’s not required, but there are always those who wish to take their relationship with God to a higher level. Later this year, we will read about Samson. He was a Nazirite, though not a very successful one. John the Baptist has similar qualities as well.

Although there are Christians who want to take their commitment to God to higher levels, no parallel in the New Testament is this extensive. There are many who have done amazing things for God and those who have made incredible sacrifices, but they have done so without ceremonies or restrictions that go beyond public prayer, similar to what happens in Acts 13:3.