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Bible Reading / God's Heart for the Forgotten

Day 3: The Responsibility of Power

AMO 5:10-15

Read: Amos 5:10-15

In this passage, God is talking directly to Israel. He’s calling them out for where they’ve repeatedly fallen short. Imagine a parent who has reached their limit with a rebellious child. They love them deeply, but are frustrated watching them destroy their lives. That’s the kind of situation we’re looking at. God calls Israel out for dishonesty, for injustice, and for cheating the poor for their own gain.

Once again, we see that God cares about the vulnerable. It would be easy to write this off and think, “I don’t do any of those things!” But stop to consider if there is anywhere you might be using your position, your power, or your resources for your advantage and choose not to consider how it might affect those around you.

Prayer: Lord, please open my eyes to any way that I am using my position, power, or resources without consideration for how it affects others. Please attune my heart to justice and love!