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Bible Reading / God's Heart for the Forgotten

Day 4: A Warning to the Proud

JAS 2:1-8

Read: James 2:1-8

Ouch. This one hurts. James gets right to the point in calling out people for their pride and social positioning. These people are claiming to be followers of Jesus while discriminating against people of lower socioeconomic status - a blatant contradiction. This reveals an intersection of two issues God feels strongly about: care for the poor AND humility.

Self-centered motivation is the opposite of selfless love. When that self-centered motivation also takes advantage of the vulnerable, that’s a double whammy! Instead, we are called to love our neighbor the same way we love ourselves.

Application Question: Where am I tempted to play favorites for my own advantage? God please help me to walk in humility and to love others like you do, even when it won’t advance my social standing.