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Bible Reading / God's Heart for the Forgotten

Day 5: Jesus is Our Ultimate Hope

LUK 14:16-21

Read: Luke 14:16-21

In this passage, Jesus is just beginning his ministry. He basically shows up at synagogue (where people gathered to worship), reads a prophetic passage from Isaiah 61:1 that foreshadows the coming savior, and then says “This is about me.” It was a big reveal moment. The part of this we want to note today is the groups of people he says he is going to bring good news to: the poor, the captives, the blind, and the oppressed.

While we are called to love our neighbor and care for the vulnerable, Jesus is the ultimate hope for the poor. This world has systems, and relationships, and people broken by sin that no amount of humility or service will completely solve. It’s important to remember as we serve that ultimately, it’s Jesus who will bring justice and peace.

Application Question: Where do I need the reminder that God will ultimately make all things right in the world through Jesus? How can I remind others of this good news?