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Read: Hebrews 4:14-16

Each one of us is on a journey that is racing to eternity. In a world full of temptation and hurt, it can be hard to keep our focus on living an impactful life. When God stepped into humanity in the person of Jesus Christ, he was not exempt from the situations and circumstances you and I encounter every day. Yet, unlike you and me, Jesus kept his focus and navigated every crisis in a way that honored God. Because he did, you and I can find help and hope as we face the very same hardships.

This week leading up to Easter, we will explore six challenges Jesus faced on his very last week on this earth - challenges that you are familiar with on your journey. In each of these occurrences, we can learn to follow in the footsteps of our risen Savior. Our God can relate to our struggles because he walked through the same temptations that we walk - but he overcame them! Here is the good news: we too can live a life of impact and significance because the very same power that raised Jesus from the dead now empowers us to live as he lived!