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Read: Matthew 21:12-17

You might be surprised to know that Jesus got angry. It’s true. However, unlike you and me, Jesus’ anger was always driven by a righteous frustration. One of Jesus’ first actions after his triumphal entry into Jerusalem is the cleansing of the temple. Through this symbolic act, Jesus passes judgment on the religious rulers. As he watched God’s house being polluted by fake religion - a mere show that stopped short of loving people and honoring his Heavenly Father - he took action. With passion he cleared the temple, driving out those who were setting up barriers from people coming to God. This isn’t meek or mild Jesus. This is a sleeveless carpenter tearing up the Temple.

So, what makes you angry? We all experience frustration, but not usually for the right reasons. Our anger typically stems from not getting our own way, or being personally offended or hurt. Jesus shows us a better way. Though he was constantly attacked, he entrusted himself to the care of his father. He made God’s Kingdom his ultimate focus and pursuit. How can you use your passion to put others first and clear the path to see more lives changed by Christ? Get angry at the things that break God’s heart and you will become an unstoppable force for good in this world.