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Bible Reading / Key Events

Day 1



Often this chapter is a source of controversy. Is this an accurate description of the event of creation or just an outline? Did God create everything in six literal days? How was there light before the sun existed? It’s important to realize that the Bible was written to tell people about God. Regardless of your view of the literal nature of this chapter, it’s important to see what we are being taught about God and His relationship with us. We know He was the One who brought the world into existence so the Israelites, the original intended audience, would not believe any of the stories about the gods of other nations. Similarly, we shouldn’t believe the theories of things coming into existence all by themselves.

We also see that God created humanity to be of special value within His creation; only humanity is created in God’s image. Theories of how things came into existence that ignore God give humanity no more value than ants we step on and take away any higher purpose our lives could have.

Do you see yourself as having value? If so, is it because of the things you have accomplished? The Bible says you have value because you are created in God’s image. It is what God has determined about you apart from anything you have done or any capability you have.