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Bible Reading / Key Events

Day 39


United Kingdom

This chapter is considered by some to be one of the most important in the entire Old Testament. It contains a play on words. In Hebrew, the word for palace and house are the same. David is living in a house and wants to build God a house too, but God says he is going to build a greater house from David’s descendants. It is a reference with a double meaning. David’s house will continue because his son will be king, but it will also continue because one of David’s descendants will be Jesus. He will be King forever, and his house will continue forever! God has eternal plans for us as well, and those are more important than any earthly thing we accomplish. Building a house of worship for God sounds great, but being part of God’s plan of salvation is awesome! There is nothing we could accomplish that is greater than spending eternity with God and helping others to do the same.