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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 3

Genesis 8


Noah is not only a man of faith, but a man of patient endurance. It would have taken him years to build the ark and throughout that time, he and his family were the only righteous people on earth. In Genesis 7:6, we are told Noah was 600 when he entered the ark, and, in Genesis 8:13, we see he was 601 and 1 month when he left it. So we are seeing his endurance in living on a boat for over a year. We can only wonder how terrifying it was during the rain and how boring it was waiting for the water to go down. At the end of all it, Noah was thankful.

Obedience to God can also involve endurance. It can mean waiting for God to fulfil a promise or answer a prayer. It can be tempting to look for ways to solve a problem on our own, but faith must be strong enough to wait.