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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 4

Genesis 9


According to the Bible, we can all trace our roots to both Adam and Noah. We are all one human family, regardless of skin color or language. God has reduced humanity to a small number and again commanded that this family populate the earth, just as He did with Adam in Genesis 1:28. God puts humanity in charge of the rest of creation as He did before, but unlike Genesis 1:28, God says the animals will now fear people and people will hunt and eat animals. Although Noah is used to restore things closer to how they were in the Garden of Eden, humanity and the earth still fall short of God’s original design. This becomes obvious when we are told of Noah’s drunkenness and Ham’s disrespect for his father.

What was true for the entire earth in Noah’s time is true in our lives as well. God intervenes and restores us to more of what He wants us to be, but we always fall short. Romans 3:23 makes it very clear that no one achieves God’s standard, but there is a future when we will be right with God for all eternity.