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Bible Reading / Key People

Day 30

Numbers 27


Not only does Joshua live long enough to enter the new land, he also becomes the leader of the nation and leads the people into that land. Joshua is told he should seek direction from God by going to the priest and asking him to use the Urim. We can’t be sure of the exact use of the Urim, but it was used by the High Priest of Israel to seek God’s guidance.

We don’t have Urims today, but we should still seek God’s guidance to help us lead. Getting guidance from God, however, requires faithful obedience. Joshua had a history of believing God no matter what and acting on his belief. We can’t expect guidance from God if we have no intention of doing what He says.

Joshua was one of a handful of people to believe God’s promise. It’s not easy to stand for what is right when almost everyone else is doing the opposite. Would you have openly expressed your faith in God when everyone else was expressing fear?