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Bible Reading / Key Themes

Day 57


One Another
Depending on the translation you read, the phrase “one another” appears around 100 times in the New Testament. In verse 22, we can see it’s not always used in a command, but in verse 34 it is. We are told to love one another, and we will show those around us we are followers of Jesus when we do. Jesus’ words are spoken when He is about to die. He has demonstrated some of what love looks like by taking a servant’s role and washing His followers’ feet. He is about to demonstrate it to an even greater extent by dying for them.
In our worst moments, we think certain tasks are beneath us. At others, we get mad because someone has wronged us in some way. Even something small, like a friend not responding to a text, can become the cause of bad feelings. Jesus tells us to love one another. That means being humble and forgiving people. Does your love for other people tell everyone you are a follower of Jesus?