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Bible Reading / Key Themes

Day 58


One Another
Our “one another” phrase appears in verses 5, 10, and 16. After challenging people to live in a new way that gives control of our lives over to God, Paul describes us all as being part of a body that works together to do what God wants us to do. The parts of our bodies do different things, but each part is required in order for the body to function well. This reliance on each other should result in love, honor, and harmony.

All of us being in one body together is a powerful picture. Some parts of our body we ignore until they don’t work properly. When that happens, we give special care to that part. In the church, those parts are people who are hurting or have made a mistake or are just annoying. We might prefer to ignore or avoid them, but instead we are to love, honor, and live in harmony with them.