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Parents: Write “The tomb was nearby. So they placed Jesus there.” on a piece of paper and place it inside an Easter egg. Hide the egg for your kids to find.

Kids: Look for the fourth Easter egg!

Together: Read John 19:40-42 and listen for the words inside the egg.

Jesus’ friends and family were so sad when he died. Some even tried to honor him by placing him in a special tomb. As they rolled a big stone in front of the tomb, it felt like all hope was lost, but the countdown to something amazing had just begun! Jesus said that in 3 days he will rise! Ask each other, what have you counted down for? A birthday, a celebration, or a vacation? How do you feel when you are counting down to something?

Something great is going to happen after Jesus is in the tomb. Just like this, when something happens that make you upset or sad, you can feel peace knowing that Jesus has a great plan that you can look forward to! Share with each other about times that God took care of you when you were feeling sad or upset.