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Parents: Write “He is risen!” on a piece of paper and place it inside an Easter egg.

Kids: Look for the fifth and final egg!

Together: It’s the final day of the countdown, Easter! As you read in the Bible, God has given you a great gift through Jesus: the chance to have eternal life in heaven with him! As you read today’s story in Luke 24:1-6, think about how the people must have felt when they discovered the stone was rolled away!

Ask each other, how do you think the women felt when the stone was rolled away, and they saw the angels? Do you think they were surprised? The angels reminded them of what Jesus had told them, He is risen! Once his followers realized this, they celebrated God and thanked him for his promises! As a family, you can do the same. You have learned to praise, pray, and share the good news of Jesus’ love for you!

Today, take time to thank God for his son, Jesus and the gift of eternal life with him!