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Bible Reading / More Than Money

Day 2 | Who really owns your finances?

Read: Psalms 24:1Acts 17:24-25Deuteronomy 8:17-18 

You might think the money you earn is solely yours, but in truth, it all belongs to God. He’s the ultimate owner and source of everything, including your abilities to earn. The earth and everything in it are his. He blesses us with skills and opportunities to produce wealth.  

But here's the thing, God doesn't need your money - he wants your heart. He desires your trust and willingness to prioritize him above all else, even your financial goals and obligations.  

You might have concerns about whether you can afford to give generously to God. But remember, God doesn't expect us to neglect our obligations. He wants us to honor him with our finances while also meeting our needs.  

Trusting God with our finances is ultimately about acknowledging the ways he's already provided in all areas of our lives. God knows what you need, and he will provide for you as you honor him with your giving. God is the owner and provider of everything. This is a foundational principle in how we view money and possessions. 

Pray: Lord, I confess that I have wrongfully acted like the owner of everything you’ve given me, including my ability to earn. There’s nothing I have that didn’t first flow through your hands. Help me to be a trustworthy steward. I’m grateful for all that you’ve provided. In Jesus’ name, Amen.