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Bible Reading / More Than Money

Day 3 | Managing God’s resources

Read: Hebrews 11:4Matthew 25:14-30Luke 16:10-12 

You might see yourself as the owner of your possessions, but God sees us as stewards or managers of his resources, like managing a company for someone else. God wants us to be faithful stewards, managing what he entrusts to us with integrity.  

One way we demonstrate this is through tithing, which is returning the first 10% of the income God provided back to him. It's a way to acknowledge his ownership and trust him to provide for our needs. Returning the first 10% takes faith! And that’s what God is after, our faith. The tithe is neither an act of giving nor an act of generosity, because God has set apart the first 10% to be returned to him. It’s a sacred demonstration of returning the first and best of what God has provided back to him. 

God values both our financial offerings and our integrity in managing what he has entrusted to us. His desire is for us to be faithful in both aspects: not just in tithing, but also in wisely managing the resources he has provided. This includes being honest and diligent in our savings and spending, reflecting God's character of integrity.  

Pray: Lord, I’m realizing more and more each day that it matters how I manage what you’ve given me. I realize that tithing is a spiritual act of faith and gratitude rather than a financial act. You are the only one who deserves first place in my heart. Help me to demonstrate my love for you in the way I handle finances. In Jesus’ name, Amen.