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Bible Reading / More Than Money

Day 4 | Beyond obligation: tithing as a response to love

Read: Genesis 4:3-7Hebrews 11:4Proverbs 3:9Deuteronomy 14:23Matthew 22:37-40 

Isn‘t tithing an outdated rule? It may surprise you that the principle of returning our first and best back to God began in Genesis with Cain and Abel, thousands of years before even the 10 Commandments were introduced! It’s about where our faith and trust really lie. Cain and Abel's offering to God revealed their heart. God’s warning to Cain is a warning we should all heed because when God is not first, something else is.  

Like other behaviors and customs that originated in the Old Testament, Jesus emphasized the importance of the heart behind our actions – not just in performing the actions themselves. 

Our attitude toward tithing is as important as the act itself. We should tithe as a response to God's love. God desires our hearts to be aligned with his, overflowing with love and gratitude. When we tithe with a joyful and thankful heart, in faith, worship, and gratitude, it reflects our acknowledgment of God's role as ruler and provider in our lives. 

So don’t think of tithing as a legalistic obligation, or a response to what was once a command. Bringing God our first and best in all areas of life is a principle to live by. It reveals his position in our lives, and our love and desire to honor him. We tithe under the freedom of grace found in Jesus, as a response to God’s great love for us.   

Pray: Lord, in all that I do, help me to have the right posture in my heart. You care more about my motives than my actions. There are times when my motives are selfish, and yet you still love me! I’m grateful for your mercy and patience with me. When I tithe back to you, transform my heart so that my faith grows deep in you. No one deserves my first and best other than you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.