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Bible Reading / One Week to a Healthier Marriage

Day 2 | Putting God at the Center

Read: Ecclesiastes 4:12

Yesterday we focused on a significant truth about marriage: that it binds two people together. What we didn’t touch on is the fact that a marriage isn’t just made up of two people. 

A strong, lasting marriage is between two people and God. Ecclesiastes describes a “cord of three strands.” Think of your marriage like a braid: you and your spouse are two strands wound together, and God is the third, making you even stronger and more resilient. 

When hard times come in your marriage – and they will – God is the strengthening agent that can protect you and keep you close. Pray together and ask God to be the center of your marriage. Reflect on where he’s leading you both as a couple and how he’s prompting you to support one another.