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Bible Reading / Remix Your Negative Thoughts

Day 5: I am capable. I have what it takes because of Jesus Christ living in me.

Read: Philippians 4:13

Imagine you’ve just gone on a shopping spree at your favorite Swedish furniture store: You get home, excited to assemble your new furniture, but soon discover nothing came with instructions. You lay everything out and try your best to put everything together based on what makes sense to you, but nothing’s coming together. Without the instructions, there’s no way you’ll figure it out.

There are going to be seasons when you feel completely incapable. You simply don’t have what you need to figure something out or get through a difficult situation.

To be honest, that’s true. We don’t have what we need…on our own. But when we rely on God to be our strength, we are capable of much more than we could imagine. Don’t sell yourself short today – ask God to take over for your weaknesses and be the strength you need to make it through whatever you’re facing.