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Bible Reading / Resolve Conflict & Heal Your Broken Relationships

Day 1 | Resolve Conflict & Heal Your Broken Relationships

Read: Matthew 5:23-26

The old saying goes, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” We might add to that: death, taxes, and conflict with other people. In your lifetime, chances are you’ll find yourself in conflict with a coworker, a spouse, or your child over any number of things 

The fact is, there is nothing so inevitable in this life as conflict. What’s not inevitable is broken relationships that result from conflict. It may be tempting to shove disagreements under the rug, even when we’re in close proximity with the other person, but with prayer, humility, and skills, we can prevent lasting damage and repair broken relationships.

Before we go any further, let’s be clear: if the conflict you’re experiencing is abusive and unsafe, please leave that situation. If you need help, please reach out to us. But for the rest of us, walking away entirely without at least trying to reconcile is not an option. 

In one of Jesus’ most famous messages, the Sermon on the Mount, he addresses what to do when we have a conflict with another person. Jesus emphasizes the importance of resolution when he tells his listeners to “leave their offering at the altar and go and be reconciled.” To bring an offering to God is everything! God is worthy of our worship. Yet, God would rather we resolve a conflict than sit in church with anger brewing. 

Are there any unresolved conflicts in your life? By the end of this reading plan, we hope to give you some skills to help you resolve those conflicts.

Prayer: God, help me today to speak with gentleness to everyone I meet. Show me how to resolve these conflicts that have brought me anxiety and unhappiness. Amen.