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Bible Reading / Resolve Conflict & Heal Your Broken Relationships

Day 2 | Wisdom for Conflict Resolution

Read: James 4:1-6Proverbs 3:5-6

Conflict is inevitable, but permanently broken relationships are not. A car needs routine maintenance, such as oil changes and new wiper blades. Eventually it will need new tires. That’s inevitable. A seized engine, however, can be prevented, in most cases. Permanent damage to relationships can be prevented, too, in most cases, if we take steps to reconcile.

The first step is prayer. All too often, we talk to our neighbors about that conflict at work, or to our siblings about the conflict with our spouse. How often do we talk to God about it, instead? 

God created the universe and everything in it, and he created you. He knows us intimately, and if we ask for his help and guidance, he’ll give it. James 4:1-6 says when we ask but don’t receive what we’ve asked for, it may be because we’ve asked with wrong motives. Because God knows us intimately, he can show us our own hearts, and that is the next step of resolving any conflict. First, we pray. Then we examine ourselves for what part we play in the conflict.

God desires for us to be at peace with the people in our lives. If you’re experiencing conflict today, talk to God about it, and ask for him to reveal your own heart and give you wisdom on how to resolve the conflict. Seek his ways, and he will direct you.

Prayer: God, you love me and you know me. You know my innermost thoughts and feelings. Show me how I have contributed to this conflict, and give me your wisdom about how to resolve it. Amen.