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Read - Isaiah 53

As Jesus continues to lie dead in the tomb, take time to look back and reflect on the words from an Old Testament prophet Isaiah. All that has transpired this week and will happen in the coming days was already predicted.

Like we know from living today how the events of the past would unfold, the same opportunity of knowledge existed for those living in that time with Jesus. This chapter lays out step by step the events of this past week and what is to come. Isaiah 53 is quoted often in the Bible, particularly by some of the authors we have already read from - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

After you read this chapter, take time today to continue to process the events of the past week.

How is it possible that a week ago, we saw Jesus followed by a crowd of people worshiping him and calling him King. Yet within a week is brutally beaten and killed for the same name calling.

How is it possible for someone to love so deeply and strongly to go through the mental and physical pain he did and not change his mind, not turn his back, not use his spiritual ability and walk away from humanity.

Take time to pray about these difficult, challenging questions and reflect on this verse, because we know what is to come.

Isaiah 53:11 “After he has suffered, he will see the light of life and be satisfied”