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Bible Reading / Step by Step: Walk with Jesus on Holy Week

Jesus is Mocked, Beaten, Questioned & Crucified


Read - Luke 22:66-71 and Luke 23

As we follow Jesus step by step closely today, we see a couple things. 

First, he traveled a lot before we saw him crucified. He is thrown at the feet of Pilate, the local Roman Governor, who finds no reason for punishment. Pilate sends him to Herod, another high ranking official, whose headquarters was near the Sea of Galilee. And Herod also finds no reason to take the case and send him back to Pilate. After Pilate gives in to the crowd and religious leaders call for murder, we see Jesus dragged to a place referred to as The Skull, where he is hung and raised on a cross to die.

In verse 44 we learn at noon the dark storm has literally set in, and stayed for three hours. Luke says “the sun stopped shining and the temple curtains were torn in two”. Right after this - We see Jesus breathe his last breath.

Jesus, the savior of the world, the son of God, beaten and placed on a cross, took on all of the sins of humankind past, present and future. So unjustly covered in sin that the face of God the father turned away from him on that cross, just as Jesus feared the previous evening.

As Friday comes to a close and Saturday morning is near, we find Jesus wrapped in cloth, placed in a tomb, with no life left in him.

But these are not his last steps… he will return.