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Bible Reading / Step by Step: Walk with Jesus on Holy Week

Jesus' Last Supper & Betrayal


Read - Luke 22:7-65

It's finally Thursday, the Passover feast is here. Jesus is spending time with his disciples in a large room, eating and laying out an example of what this tradition represents. 

When night came he prayed, in extreme sadness, to his Father, is there any other way?

There are many monumental steps that Jesus takes on this Thursday. The storm we talked about yesterday is right on the doorstep and will arrive at nightfall. Jesus knows this, he is beginning to truly feel the weight of the moment. As Jesus prayed in the garden, we see Luke refer to his sweat as “drops of blood” as he cries out to the Lord in extreme sadness and sorrow. We find that the central pain Jesus is feeling is not necessary because of the physical pain he would soon endure, but rather the mental loss of knowing his father would soon turn his face away from his perfect being due to the weight of sin Jesus would bear on that cross.

We end seeing Judas, one of his chosen twelve disciples, fulfill his role and turn Jesus over to be arrested. Jesus is being taken away by soldiers, guards and others to be tried and murdered for a sin he never committed. As Thursday quickly turns to Friday, the day has only just begun.