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Bible Reading / Step by Step: Walk with Jesus on Holy Week

Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus


Read - Luke 22:1-6 

A historic calm before the storm, Jesus is preparing his disciples for the Passover traditions and celebrations, while one of the twelve is plotting to betray and kill the Son of God and unleash one of the darkest 24 hours ever recorded.

We all know what a calm before the storm physically looks like. The ominous sky filled with thick dark gray clouds. No matter the season, the air feels colder, the wind faster and you smell the freshness of rain begin to hit you. Imagine the weight, the darkness brewing on the horizon this Wednesday night over 2000 years ago.

Of all the days of this Holy Week we know the least amount of historical data of where Jesus was step by step. But I can imagine there was intention with this gap in writing. The pause before the storm is heavy and speaks for itself.

Take a moment to pause, pray and reflect on what we know is to come. Talk to God, share your feelings, whatever they may be surrounding the death of Jesus that’s on the horizon.