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Bible Reading / Step by Step: Walk with Jesus on Holy Week

Jesus Causes a Stir at the Temple


Read - Mark 11:15-18

It's Monday - As Jesus approaches the Temple, he is angered by what he sees. People buying, selling, unfairly trading goods in a house made to worship his Father.

This isn’t the first time Jesus cleared benches, overturned tables and restored the temple courts to what their intended purpose was. In John 2:13-25 we see another account, where he equates the destruction of the temple to the destruction of himself as a temple, but promises to raise it again in three days. Incredible early symbolism to what will soon be a reality in 4 days.

Jesus was the living embodiment of what justice and judgment ought to look like. His ministry didn’t stop or pause, or take a vacation before the intensity of the trails that were to come. As the chief priests and religious leaders plotted his death, He kept moving step by step toward his ultimate goal.